Wednesday, August 29, 2012

desert dreams

I never expected to be a person who loves the desert. Growing up in the Northwest, I've always loved the ocean, the forest, all things lush and dewy - desert expanses felt dry and dead. But apparently, my brain is now prepared. The drive out to Cathedral city is fascinating, all painted hills fading into the sky, the temperature slowly creeping up to a blistering 110, ending with thousands of windmills that look like tiny toys and emerge as futuristic beasts spinning in the hot breeze. The color of everything seems bleached out like a sun damaged photo, which makes it all the better when the sun sets and the landscape goes lavender and pink.
Of course, my new found affinity may have a bit to do with the fact that our desert trips have always included a beautiful Airbnb rental with central air and a pool, with little on the agenda aside from lounging, eating, and reapplying SPF...
above, snippets from our weekend away (left to right, top to bottom)
1) view from the pool
2) Scott in his vacation best
3) glass in the fire pit
4) pool shot of yours truly
5) sunset in pastel
6) mona, our ever-present canine companion
7) remnants from the great guac-off of 2012
8) return of the flamin' mac, plated for 8
9) entryway peepin'


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