Monday, September 3, 2012

rabbit, rabbit

 September already. At the risk of sounding much older than my 26 years....where does the time go? I glanced at my phone on Saturday, and the date stared back at me, completely unexpected. Maybe it's the super-subtle seasons of southern California, maybe it's the fact that John and I have been working like mad on some sizable Dude and Chick projects, but months seem to be sliding by at an alarming rate. I've got that well-worn back to school feeling this week, that Labor Day haze of dread mixed with excitement, despite the fact that it's been a few years since I was packing up my books for the first day of classes.
 It's been a lovely weekend, full of almost-empty mall trips - note to future self: everyone in LA leaves town for the holiday, and it is glorious - walks through the neighborhood, birthday karaoke, and wine-infused picnics with new friends. Today, as I gently ease myself back into the workweek (thank goodness for beginning-of-the-week-holidays), I'm convincing myself, somewhat successfully, that I'm ready for this new month. There's nothing better than the sense that something awesome is on the horizon.
above: one of the many epic murals tucked away in Los Feliz

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