Tuesday, May 27, 2014

summer's coming

 photo first_release_zpsdd94fa5a.gif
Happy Memorial day, everyone! We hit the BBQ train a bit early this year, as the rest of the long weekend was reserved for plowing through some work. In true work-from-home style, I'm sneaking out for a little overnight getaway tomorrow with a couple of ladyfriends rather than braving the crowds over the holiday weekend. But before I head off on a mystical journey to the sacred sands of Joshua Tree, have a look at the shoot Scott did! It makes me think of summertime and sherbet and faded out tank tops. I've updated The Good Twin site so you all can see real live photos of actual cards, rather than just vector illustrations (that foil is just soooo shiny) and above you can see a nice GIF supercut. Here's to a fantastic start to summer - may there be creamsicles and cold beer in your near future.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

change is good

Well dudes, I'm just going to jump right in. It's springtime, and change is a comin'. After almost six years working with my friend John as the sole employees/makers/manufacturers at Dude and Chick, I'm moving on. Not entirely, and not immediately - I'll still be managing inventory, filling orders, handling accounts, and emailing all the amazing customers we have at Dude and Chick, at least for now. John will take the reigns, creatively speaking, and I have no doubt that he's going to continue the stationery sweetness that we built together.
But I'm ready to move in a different direction. I've found myself itching to start something new, something that is completely my own from the ground up, something born and raised under the bright California sky. So, after many jam packed evenings and weekends of preparation, I'm sending my own little stationery line into the daylight!
The Good Twin will be shown at the National Stationery Show this May in the Crow and Canary booth 2824 (where Dude and Chick wares will also be on display). I'm hoping to expand my offerings pretty quickly, but for now, I've got 25 brand new designs, both two-color and foil stamped, featuring my illustrations and hand drawn type as well as a bit of my pattern work. All of the cards are letterpress printed, and I've done my research to source high quality recycled papers, envelopes, and packaging to keep your letter-writing friendly to the land. You can check out all the goods on my new website/shop, thanks to the always amazing Kate Miss. It's worth mentioning that she also made my logo, and has been indispensable in more ways than I can count throughout this whole process.
So! Hooray for change, and new things, and all the hard work that keeps us fresh and growing and learning constantly. I'd like to start sharing a bit more process and stationery bits on this blog, so you have that to look forward to. Thanks for hanging in with me, there are good things ahead.