Wednesday, August 8, 2012

volume for safekeeping

Though I received my treasured iPad for Christmas (Scott's definitely a savvy gift-giver), it has lived mostly in the safety of our apartment, since I've been dragging my feet, trying to find the perfect case. It's harder than you think to find something simple and well constructed that fits both our taste.
Anyhow, after nearly eight months of lazily promising to order something with no follow through, we finally pounced on a sale priced volume for iPad, by our buddy Scott Nedrelow, an artist based in good old Minneapolis. And, of course, we love it. The case is bound by Campbell-Logan, a twin cities bindery well known to artists in the area, and the craftsmanship is beautiful and sturdy. The material is buckram - the same stuff used to bind periodicals at libraries - and it's durable and lightly water resistant. The iPad fits snugly into the interior plastic shell, and sits fully camouflaged on our bookshelf. It's the new millenium's equivalent of one of those old school safes made out of a book block (or, you know, cutting out the pages of a book to store your gun, I guess).
(bottom photo courtesy of scott nedrelow)

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