Tuesday, August 14, 2012

tunes for the heat

It finally feels like summer around these parts - heavy, dry heat has settled over Los Angeles, and doesn't let up throughout the night. We've been pulling out all the old Minneapolis tricks, sleeping with our trusty box fan aimed directly at us, waking up each morning already sweaty. I've felt lucky for the last few months, because I'm well aware that even this mini heat wave is nothing compared to what the rest of the US has been hit with, but what can I say? Los Angeles has spoiled us.
Thankfully, our friend Feng (aka sloslylove) just came out with another album, and it's been our soundtrack for the rising mercury. Sloslylove's particular brand of genius has become a staple since we moved out to California -  something about the smooth, mellow beats feels very west-coast.
Check it out above, or buy an awesome cassette tape for only $6 on his website. Then bust out a popsicle and absorb the magic - these tracks are hot in every sense.

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