Thursday, February 12, 2015

pattern pals - sweet tooth

...and we're back! After a pretty significant hiatus (we are Busy Ladies if nothing else) Emma and I finally dipped a toe back into the Pattern Pals pool, where there are always free margaritas and never any sunburns. In honor of Valentine's Galentine's Day, we went with a candy theme. My brain is currently in holiday mode thanks to the screwy schedule of stationery releases, so here, have some starlight mints in pastel!
Are you dying to see this every time  you open your phone? I thought so. Here's a wallpaper download for your iPhone 5 and iPhone 6

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Good Twin + Madewell

Well, winter is in the air in Los Angeles...just kidding, it was like 80 yesterday, yikes. But regardless of the weather, the holidays are coming, and this year, I've got a really fun lineup of events for The Good Twin!
Madewell at The Grove has been kind enough to ask me in for a night of cards, denim, and tasty treats, so if you're in the area, swing by on Friday, November 14th from 6-8 pm. I'll be there with Peggy, and both of us can't wait to meet you. We'll have a selection of Good Twin cards for sale, as well as complimentary drinks and sweets, free two hour parking, and 20% off Madewell purchases over $125 - which also get a little card bundle from The Good Twin. It's a great opportunity to pick up some great holiday cards, as well as splurge on a pair of new jeans (they bribed me with a pair that I haven't taken off since they arrived, ha). Hope you see you there!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fond of the frond

More patterns, because kicking one of these babies out makes me feel like I finished something. I love this color palette, and I wanted to shine some light on all these little frond and leaf guys that have been waiting around like second string in a tight game.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer in the city

Ah, August in LA. So hot. All I want to be doing right now is drinking gallons of beer on a porch in a glamorous muumuu while not sweating, but sometimes we don't get what we want. So instead, I rounded up two of my favorite people with crazy amazing brains (that would be Scott and Kate) and together, we shot a cool little look book for the new release that I just finished up for The Good Twin. The sets were assembled using some neat origami techniques I learned at the library (thanks for the knowledge, LAPL!), and we used paper printed with some of my patterns. You can check out all fifteen new cards in my shop
Stay breezy, dudes!

Friday, July 25, 2014

florals for a Friday

I've been neck deep in patterns lately - I finally have (sort of) mastered the art of a complicated repeating pattern. Much of that is due to this amazingly simple tutorial (and so, so much practice). And so, just for fun, a floral for your Friday afternoon.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

craftacular spectacular

If you're in my neck of the Los Angeles woods this weekend, come check out the Bust Craftacular! I'll be selling The Good Twin cards and boxed sets, with super special show deals. A bunch of other awesome vendors will be in attendance, including a bunch of tasty treats out front (seriously though, bring me a coffee). There's also a DIY nail bar and a flower crown station, so you can get all decked out for the rest of your Saturday.
The Craftacular is at Mack Sennett Studios this coming Saturday, from 11-6pm. Mack Sennett is conveniently located just around the corner from El Chavo and Tiki Ti, both of which are highly recommended to hit up before or after, or both, no judgement here.
I'll be at booth 26, say hey!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

summer's coming

 photo first_release_zpsdd94fa5a.gif
Happy Memorial day, everyone! We hit the BBQ train a bit early this year, as the rest of the long weekend was reserved for plowing through some work. In true work-from-home style, I'm sneaking out for a little overnight getaway tomorrow with a couple of ladyfriends rather than braving the crowds over the holiday weekend. But before I head off on a mystical journey to the sacred sands of Joshua Tree, have a look at the shoot Scott did! It makes me think of summertime and sherbet and faded out tank tops. I've updated The Good Twin site so you all can see real live photos of actual cards, rather than just vector illustrations (that foil is just soooo shiny) and above you can see a nice GIF supercut. Here's to a fantastic start to summer - may there be creamsicles and cold beer in your near future.