Wednesday, August 1, 2012

if it makes you happy

As previously mentioned, Ben and Kelly came to town last weekend, and the visit did not disappoint. These two have been sorely missed since the move, as they were our next door neighbors in the last Minneapolis apartment we lived in. Scott and I spent many cold winter nights in the BK basement home, listening to records, solving crossword puzzles, attempting to beat Wii Mario (and Jeopardy (?)) and consuming mass quantities of Grain Belt Premium. I make it a point to see a lot of them when I'm back in Minnesota for work, but this is the first time we've had them on our turf. We took them on a three day tour of Our Favorite Things, including breakfast at Square One, a day at the beach, karaoke (of course), and a Sunday evening picnic in Griffith Park, followed by a buzzy walk home and a beautiful smog-fueled sunset. There's something about Ben's gentlemanly sincerity and quirky sense of humor combined with Kelly's no-nonsense version of ladylike punk that gels with us perfectly, and it felt good to pick up where we left off for a few days.

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