Wednesday, August 22, 2012

work / play

My week in the twin cities was an absolute blur of work, beautiful weather, and play. John and I don't get to spend much face time together these days, and a week of being in the same studio always reminds me why he's one of my best guys, even through the long days and occasional frustration of running a business together. Thanks to Chance, my ever-fantastic host, I had a bicycle to get around, and I took full advantage, pedaling my way from St. Paul to Minneapolis every day on the weekend, drifting through my old routes on the greenway in the mild sun. It's always a bit odd to be in Minnesota, because it really hasn't been that long since we moved. A week out there feels like just the right amount of time to step into the best parts of our life in the midwest - beer on porches, bike rides around the lakes, and late night escapades with good friends.
a few photographic highlights
1. Maguire and my other business half (aka The Dude), in a rare appearance in front of the lens
2. awesome type on the way into Ben and Bill's place
3. Emma and Kelly on a Saturday that goes down in the books as one of my best
4. sky and sailboats on a Sunday bike ride with Ben
5. signed the guestbook pre-performance at VFW karaoke
6. attention, LA: please up your Bloody Mary game to the new standard
7. Mama Grover during breakfast at the Uptowner
8. lily pads and roses spotted at Lake of the Isles with Kelly

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  1. OH NO, we were supposed to sign in?! I MISSED OUT ON THE CHANCE TO SIGN MY NAME AS "ANN CHOVIE"?! NOOooOooOooOo