Tuesday, June 18, 2013

pattern pals: abstract

When Emma and I decided to do an abstract pattern, I think we both thought it would be....easy. Because, you know, when you just get to use shapes and color everything's simple, right? Well, not so much. This was most definitely my most difficult pattern to date, despite the fact that it just used simple brushstrokes (which were extremely fun to make - I have whole sketchbook pages of just random geometric stuff). The colors were changed multiple times, and I finally settled on these muted, June gloom inspired greens. I think I like the result? I may give this another go, if only for that awful/awesome brain growing feeling it provided. Above is the repeating square, below you can see it in action.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

springtime in brooklyn

It's been a while since I ventured out to New York - almost four years, in fact. Lucky for me, the stationery show was the perfect excuse for a little visit to one of my favorite places. Thanks to a few NYC-savvy friends and my fearless host Matt, I did it up right this time. It was an amazing trip, and it made me miss New York...but man, was I glad to return to the sun soaked land that I now call home (and the boy and dog waiting for me).
A few highlights, as illustrated by the photos above. Not pictured: copious amounts of food, beer, and bloodies consumed.
a) the rooftop view from my digs in Crown Heights.
b) neon is king at Beverly's.
c) Bree treated me to The Book of Mormon, which is every bit as awesome as I imagined!
d) treasures of New England, found in Matt's cabinets (it's a board game about yachting?!)
e) The Frick Collection, highly recommended for an off-the-beaten-path museum experience - it's housed in what was formerly the Frick estate on the UES.
f) and of course, my visit to the apartment I sublet in Brooklyn Heights for my semester stay in NYC during college (my intern/nanny days). Don't be fooled by the fancy exterior - my place was 96 sq feet, on "garden" level - that is, basement. I bought a bagel and my favorite corner store and sat on the steps like a creeper, naturally.