Thursday, August 16, 2012


photo by the amazing Ben Innes
I'm about to head out the door to LAX - it's time, yet again, to head over to MSP for a meeting of the Dude and Chick minds. Since Scott and I moved last June, I've been midwest-bound every few months so John and I can hang out in the same studio for a week or so. It means a lot to me that we've been able to make a long-distance relationship work, and though it took a bit of adjustment, DNC life has hummed along pretty smoothly. The biggest change has been how I feel about travel. In the past, when I've been headed to the airport, it's meant vacation. I'd save up books, treat myself to a trashy mag on the plane, and enjoy the journey. Now, I'm hitting the sunny skies so regularly that flying feel like a chore, and I return home from a week of work in need of some serious R&R. Don't get me wrong - I love my setup - but it's made me rethink the idea of travel vs. vacations. The staycation isn't exactly a new idea in these recession ridden times, but I've finally come around to it. When I get back to California, Scott and I are headed out to the desert with a few friends for the weekend, and even though we'll only be a couple of hours outside the city,  I can't wait for that feeling of vacation.

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