Friday, November 2, 2012

friday throwback

My family has a lot of photos. My twin brother and I are well documented throughout the years, everything from the obligatory baby cuteness, sports team pictures and prom pics to recent snaps, taken when we come back to visit. They still fill our childhood home, in frames on the mantle, stored in folders on the computer, hard copies and old negatives filling organized boxes in my mom's closet. But you've got to dig a bit deeper to find pictures of my parents. Part of it was the time, obviously - no online archives of every event stashed in weird corners of the internet - but my mom in particular has very few photos of herself. Recently, she found this photo, taken around her 19th birthday, and I asked her to scan it and send it over, complete with her handwritten description from the back of the picture. I'm fascinated by my mother at this time in her life - clearly my mom, but so obviously a different person entirely, more than fifteen years before I was born.

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