Tuesday, November 6, 2012

spooky / scary

I thought for a while about what I'd post today - my blog feed, facebook, and reliable news sources are all flooded with reminders to vote, and for whom / what. We voted by mail weeks ago, and I feel solid in my choices. But there's so much I can't control. I have a lot of anxiety wrapped up in what's going on in Minnesota, though there's nothing I can do aside from encouraging my midwestern friends to vote no x 2. I have a similar amount of headspace panic with regards to the presidential race, but I did my part, and am trying to breath deeply and remind myself of that. Mostly, I just want everyone to take the extra few minutes and vote. It's important, even if you don't believe what I do.
So much for just posting a little diversion about my end-of-October shenanigans. Too bad, you get a double feature! Please see the photos above for documentation of Scott's Johnny Knoxville (sadly, no evidence exists of my failed attempt at Bam Margera, or my hastily assembled Sabrina the Teenage Witch), some spooky cocktails, an abandoned dum dum, and my "this stuff was just around the house" Gwen Stefani impression. Halloween was weird this year, but at least I got my candy corn fix.

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  1. I feel like you have a complete wardrobe when you can make a halloween costume out of things you already own. ACCOMPLISHMENT ACHIEVED.