Thursday, November 8, 2012


(image courtesy of Justin Hunt)
Last weekend, in the spirit of the idea that the best laid plans are made over margaritas, Scott and I headed to our friend Justin's place (he of the amazing VHS hearth) to watch Space Jam. It doesn't get much better than flamin' mac and cheese with a side of Michael Jordan. The best part of the night was not, however, the rediscovery of MJ's off the charts acting skills. Midway through the evening, Justin brought out the aptly titled Book of Questions, an old-school composition notebook filled with questionnaires, a sort of extended interview diary that puts every journal I've had to shame. The conversation that stemmed from flipping through the pages felt like how I imagine a very private, wine-laden dinner party with Terry Gross would unfold. It's weird how a list of questions immediately makes a person feel....important. Secrets were spilled, emotions ran high, and q-tips featured prominently in the discussion.
So, naturally, I was delighted to find that J has scanned the entire notebook and put it on the internet. You can download it here - not a typed out version, but the real, honest-to-god handwritten pages, complete with spelling corrections, various versions of handwriting, and paper thin enough to see a ghost-preview of the following page. Check it out (and if you want to have haunting nightmares for weeks, don't forget to peruse the Morgue photos while you're at it).

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