Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Now that I've finally put a few stressful super exciting, very large projects to rest, I've got some fun things to share. First up is the Girls: Fact or Fiction show at Light Grey Art Lab. A few months ago, Emma alerted me to submit my idea for the show. I was faced with a terrible choice - which fictional heroine to choose? After many late nights and manic text message sessions (my favorite nixed lady was Carmela Soprano, courtesy of Scott) I finally settled on a tribute to that angsty, curly haired first lady of late nineties prime time WB soaps: Felicity Porter. See above for a portrait of the haircut heard round the television universe. For what it's worth, I'm pro short-hair Felicity (although her prolonged, mullet-laden grow-out stage is a cautionary tale for the ages), and Team Ben. Obviously.
If you happen to be in Minneapolis on December 7th, go see the show! It promises to be a festival of illustrated ladies. You can also order the accompanying book, if you're in to that sort of thing. I'll be back in LA, rewatching Felicity episodes and feeling nostalgic.

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