Tuesday, October 30, 2012

tomorrow never dies

A lovely surprise waited for us in the mailbox on Saturday afternoon - our very own copies of the one and only Tomorrow magazine, in all its oversized, fantastically printed glory. It really is a beautiful tome, a collection of articles I can't wait to read surrounded by intensely awesome design, illustration, and photography, each page just soaked with cool stuff. Though I got a pretty good glimpse of at last weekend's release party, it was so much better in the light of day (sans open-bar goggles). A full seven pages are dedicated to Scott's dreamy sun photographs - my favorite is the full bleed you see above, but you can see them all documented on his website. Those photos (a few of which hang at full size in our apartment) come from his series Walking on Water, one of my personal favorites.
I was also pleased with the layout Dylan and Greg came up with for the "Crowdsourced Poetics" piece, which I illustrated (see above). I'm looking forward to sitting down with a latte and a free afternoon this weekend (fingers crossed) to take a nice slow read through the full magazine. In the meantime, Tomorrow will hang out in its place of honor on our bookshelf - a reminder of the seriously sweet compilation of journalism and design that some of our best friends made happen.
UPDATE: The website is live, so you can online-experience the full mag. Check it out!

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