Friday, December 28, 2012

new drawings for a birthday gal

I made it back to Los Angeles late last night early this morning, so please excuse any excessive lack of writing skills today - I'm sort of running on fumes here. We had a positively fantastic holiday in Portland, full of family and food and wine and love and adventures (more on all of the above at a later date), but now it's back to the craziness that built up at work while I was gone.
But, before I dive fully back in to the world of greeting cards and pre-press work for our new release (!) a shoutout in illustration form to my absolute favorite drawer-of-pretty-ladies, Emma Trithart, who is celebrating her birthday in style over in the twin cities tonight. Happy birthday, miss! I colored a lady-illo in your honor. I also prepped a photo-post of us together through the years, but then I got a style-evolution headache (the culprit, most likely: my college Ugg phase. BELIEVE IT) so I put that one in the vault. Thank me later.



    Look at that gorgeous lady! THANK YOU SO MUCH, I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T SEE THIS EARLIER. Ahhhh I'm feeling the love.

    Also part of me reeeaalllyyy wants to see that photo post....

  2. Ahem... me too! Maybe someday you can bring those Ugg boot photos out into the blogosphere for us to see!