Wednesday, December 19, 2012

fancy fingertips

After much resistance to the idea of paying someone else to paint my nails, I finally caved and went for my first gel manicure. It was fantastic, and I treated myself to another last weekend. There's something I love about the ritual of doing my own nails (and figuring out my own simple versions of nail art), but there's something I love more about this perfectly executed fingertip beauty, sans right hand mistakes and second day chipping. Plus, the salon Sarah (my patron saint of fancy lady things) took me to had a pile of trashy magazines, so the gossip shaped hole in my heart was filled. Anyhow. I've been drawing and scanning a bunch of new stuff for work lately, and I did a quick color on a sketchy nail idea page that managed to get inked this week. You kids enjoy - I'm leaving on a jet plane for PDXmas! xoxo

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  1. I caved a lloooonnggg time ago for the gel manicures- and they ROCK! but, since they're a little more $$ I try and save them for like vacations or special occasions (haha). I'm kinda curious to try the 'at home' gel ones...I've heard it's worth it.