Wednesday, December 5, 2012

crank it up

my poster, titled "Smog Cutters"
Recently, I was invited to make a poster for Artcrank, that art-show darling of Twin Cities bike culture that I never managed to participate in while actually inhabiting Minneapolis. Luckily, this year marks the first Artcrank in the city of angels, and they're coming in with a bang. The opening reception is this Saturday at Orange 20 bikes. There will be beer, snacks, and plenty of bicycle and poster loving people, so if you're in the area, stop by! Due to a previously scheduled Palm Springs getaway, I won't be at the party, but certainly plan to pop over next week. The show is bound to be full of super-sweet work by Angeleno designers including my pals Greg, Dylan, Sarah, and Evan - and posters are only for sale during the show, which runs through December 17th. All posters are in editions of 30, and priced at $40 apiece. Get em while they're hot, as they say.

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