Monday, December 3, 2012

friends for eternity

Behold, the source of the music that has been running through my head nonstop since we ventured out to the Cinefamily during our post-Thanksgiving weekend festival of fun: The Miami Connection.
Scott heard about this gem from Malcolm, uber-fan of The Room and general authority of Cult Crap Cinema. Legend (er, mostly this CNN article) has it this amazingly awesome rat-king of eighties film cheese was made in 1987, universally hated on, and fell into obscurity. Fast forward twenty years to 2009, when Drafthouse found it on eBay, bought it for $50, and gave it the distribution that drunk twentysomethings America has been waiting for!
The Miami Connection is impossible to review, hard to explain, but so, so easy to love. Here's the premise: a ragtag band (literally - check out these tunes) of taekwondo practicing UCF students go nose-to-nose with the seedy underbelly of Miami's cocaine trade - which seems to be made up of ninjas and bikers. Come for the awkward dialogue and adorably horrific acting, stay for the grossest beach makeout scene this side of...well, I'm not sure what, because I just googled "gross beach makeout scenes" and lost a good hour of my life. I recommend taking in a viewing if you can - nothing like experiencing the magic with some fellow citizens - but since they're limited, you can also get a download of the movie (and a poster that looks like an oversized eighties VHS cover) for $6 here. You're welcome.

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