Monday, October 29, 2012

dude and chick + crow and canary

Our little company has an announcement to make - we're now officially represented by the amazing ladies at Crow and Canary in California, Oregon, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, and D.C!
John and I definitely took our sweet time to bring on sales representation - until now, we've done all that on our own. I'm glad, looking back on it, that we took to the time to build relationships with shops ourselves. We sell to about 200 stores throughout the US, Canada and abroad, and I can still tell you the name of every store's buyer off the top of my head. It's important to us that we keep the intimate feel of Dude and Chick throughout every aspect of the company - after all, we both quite literally have our hands on each card sold (if you need proof of that, just ask me about the progress I've made through my Netflix queue on my dreaded beloved Card Folding days). But we've finally hit the point where I'm scrambling to maintain the sales side of things, in addition to illustrating, design, and handing shipping, accounting, etc.
C&C is the first rep group that approached us patiently and kindly, with a genuine love for our products and a proposition to work together as an extension of Dude and Chick. We're in good company: just take a look at the other lines they represent!
So, here's to the lift of something new and exciting to carry us through the crazy holiday season and into 2013...hopefully with a little more time to get out the new designs and projects we've got cookin' at DNC HQ.

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