Tuesday, October 23, 2012

home alone / braided bliss

(photos are my own, aside from the shot of me in the top left, taken by the lovely Erin Dollar)
Scott left on Wednesday evening for a trip out to Minnesota, and I have to say, I was anxious about it. It's weird to think that though I spend most of my time alone during the week at my home studio, over the years that we've lived together, I've never slept alone in our apartment. Of course, once I locked the deadbolt and checked the corners, I remembered that feeling of having a full evening to myself - that Home Alone moment, where I get the itch to drink a bottle of red wine with a mountainous ice cream sundae for dinner while watching trashy TV and blasting my most guilty pleasure lady-music. Ahem.
But unfortunately thankfully, I had plenty of business to keep me occupied. The Braids by Brislin fundraiser went swimmingly - I was on hand as the braider for walkins, while Ali took her scheduled appointments, which were booked solid. Afterwards, we celebrated with some much deserved eating and drinking, then it was off to the Tomorrow launch party, which was epic in a way only that particular crowd can manage. I took it all in and partied my little heart out, and it was great, but I sure am glad to have my guy back in town.  
p.s. Speaking of Home Alone, do yourself a favor and get lost in here for a little bit. Our pre-holiday viewing HA and HA2 is just around the corner...

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  1. oh wow! That braid on the bottom right is amazing! Hold on, lemme just grow my hair out so you can do that to me.