Thursday, September 6, 2012

louie, louie you're gonna die

Things that happened yesterday during/after work:
- Heard about Louis CK's multiple secret-until-the-day-of shows at the Improv.
-Tried to buy tickets, failed.
-Heard about Louis CK's extra-secret, late night set at the Comedy Store.
-Tried to buy tickets, failed.
-Saw tweet re: extra tickets.
-Biked at breakneck, Premium Rush style pace across town to Comedy Store.
-Realized I had no cash, sprinted to ATM.
-Dripped sweat on the dude's clipboard as I obtained the last two tickets. Seriously.
-Accepted praise and undying love from boyfriend.
-Waited in line for an hour and a half. Eventually shown to our seats, about six feet from the stage, dead center.
-Laughed my ass off at brand new Louis material.
(end scene; add to file of best/weirdest nights. See also: photo shoot followed by karaoke in Hollywood with James Deen of adult-film fame.)


  1. What did you sing. This is important for me to evaluate and score your entire night.

  2. So awesome. I'm seeing him in November & the fact that he's actually coming to Maine gives me a jolt of happiness every time I remember.

  3. Mallory: you're going to LOVE it. The new stuff (even in the process of being worked out) was epically hilarious. Emma: if you are referring to karaoke night with JD, the only artist he will sing at a karaoke bar is Billy Joel...? There's a porn pun in there somewhere.

  4. OH, no I meant you! What did you sing! But Billy Joel is a pretty excellent choice.

  5. My new favorite prove-to-everyone-in-the-bar-I'm-insane tune: "You Oughta Know" by Alanis.