Tuesday, September 18, 2012

fresh stock

It's that time again! When I received my box of new stock from the Dude last week, I actually sort of...clapped my hands with glee. Seriously, like a small child with a new puppy. We didn't get together a holiday release last year, so even though it's later than it should be in stationery-land (where Christmas prep starts in May) I'm glad we made it, and I'm excited about our everyday release as well. I mean, who doesn't want a card with cuts of meat on it that was designed and illustrated by two long-time vegetarians?
Anyhow, more fun Dude and Chick related announcements coming soon...stay tuned.
Old Farts / 083
Choice Cuts / 084
Squid 'n Whale / 085
Peace on Earth / 090
Xmas Tree / 091
Makin' a List / 092

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