Tuesday, June 19, 2012

weekend adventures

Friday brought an unexpected visit from our friend Greg, who is hitchhiking around the country and happened to stop in LA. He brought endless stories of his time in the desert, through Texas and New Mexico on his way from New Orleans to the coast, and punctuated them with his impressive tan lines from hours in the sun wearing his favorite old-man socks. After a super-late night, we made our way to the coast and swam for hours in the finally-warm ocean under cloudy skies.
In other news, my pincurl obsession continues, Scott built a new shooting setup for the new Dude and Chick product we will document this week, and I had a short stint as a hand model against the pink background above (my arm is sore).


  1. Here's a pincurl question for you: hairspray? Gel? Do you use it and at what points in the process?

    1. oh man, I really just need to get over myself (AKA the image of myself with pins all over my head) and post a full tutorial. I wash my hair fresh (the only time they haven't turned out is when I tried it day-old), then blow dry it about 75%. Add a dollop of gel, mousse, whatever you have lying around, pincurl, sleep on it, hang in it all the next day, then after you take it out and separate the curls, hit it with A BUNCH of cheap hairspray, all around/on top/flip the head underneath too. Make sure it smells good, because that hairspray will be your perfume!