Friday, June 1, 2012


The whirlwind of visitors has finally come to an end, but we went out with a bang over Memorial Day with our friends Malcolm and Michelle, in town from Minneapolis. Sifting through my iPhone snaps, I can't believe we survived, considering the ridiculous amount of In-n-Out, margaritas, and frozen yogurt that was consumed. Above are just a few highlights, some of my other favorite photos will inevitably seep into future posts. I miss those crazy kids already.
a) Malcolm and our girl Kelly have formed "The Piggies." I know.
b) I never see Scott happier than when he's hangin' with Malc.
c) Babes lookin' fly at Wurstk├╝che.
d) Design in the wild.
e) Gods of astronomy at the Observatory.
f) Obligatory h-wood sign pic of Mich.

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