Tuesday, June 26, 2012

funny ha-ha

It's hard to find time for all the cool stuff that's going on constantly in this town. Los Angeles and NYC are very different, but one thing's true about both cities - there's always someplace to be. Last weekend, Scott and I finally got it together to take in a comedy show on Saturday night, at the Main Room of the Comedy Store. We biked a solid five miles and overpaid for a few beers, and were rewarded with a thoroughly hilarious marathon of comedy, including Michael Kosta, Sam Tripoli, Jeff Garlin, Brody Stevens, Bill Burr, and Ari Shaffir. My trademark bitchface even got a shoutout from the stage! After the show, we stuck around and mingled with the talent before the ride home.
Also this weekend: a killer at-home manicure (with an assist from some masking tape, see step one and two above), a trip to the beach with our BUTT towel companions, and the public debut of Scott's treasured NIN shirt, found on eBay.

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