Friday, May 11, 2012

vivian maier

 Last night Jeremy and I biked downtown to go see the This American Life live show, beamed by Technology into our Los Angeles theater. It was magical and fantastic and everything I'd hoped for - two hours of well-produced audio and visual sweetness. The hundreds of other NPR listeners that flocked to the show apparently felt the same way. There were many lovely moments, but one of the most visually striking segments showcased the photographs of Vivian Maier, a nanny that obsessively shot photos throughout Chicago from 1950-1990. John Maloof was lucky enough to happen upon a huge collection of her unshared, unpublished work at one of those nifty storage locker options, and he's been displaying it in shows and on the internet. The images are haunting and interesting and serve as a sort of visual diary of Maier's life as she moved through the city with her little charges in tow. Sifting through the archives is enough to make you throw your iPhone out the window (well, almost).
Also: as requested (because I know you were speaking directly to me, Ira Glass), I will instruct you to go view Mike Birbiglia's short film. Thank you so very much for joining us.

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