Tuesday, May 1, 2012

current culture

 I've got my brain wrapped up in quite a few cultural quagmires right now (qultural quagmires? alliteration!) and having all these crazy plotlines running simultaneously through my head is fascinating.

Twin Peaks has been on my list forever, of course - and now that I'm slowly working my way through it, I understand why. David Lynch mystifies me, and I often feel like I'm hanging on for dear life throughout an episode, but savoring the spooky aftertaste of the intro alone leaves me satisfied (and missing my native Northwest). Related: obviously Audrey Horne is my new fashion icon.

Mad Men continues to bring the quiet genius in Season 5. The development of Megan (and, for that matter, this new side of Don) is excellent. I never dreamed I'd see the writers able to flesh her out into a realistic, likeable woman. Matthew Weiner has said he likes to think each episode could hold up as a self contained short film, and though I've always loved the show, I never really felt that until this season.

The Killing is my newest television addiction. Unfortunately, since I love quality TV criticism and writing, I know a bit too much about the show going in (actually, I suppose all I know is that at the end of the season I will know too little - mind twist) but the quality acting and slow-burn style of The Killing is superb and painful to watch.

This series threesome is a weird one, since each revels in its ability to withhold information and extend stories for an unusual amount of time - you'd think I'd crave immediate answers somewhere. I credit my love for crime and mystery novels for conditioning my mind to delayed gratification. Thanks, John Grisham!

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