Wednesday, May 23, 2012

paradise in solvang

Just past Santa Barbara, through the mountains, there's a little town called Solvang. We took a little jaunt up the coast (and over the river and through the woods) for a quick visit this weekend, mostly to drop Emma and Bryan at their vacation spot after they stayed with us in Los Angeles on Saturday. It was a whirlwind of good times, and here are some photo snippets, arranged in diptych form for your viewing pleasure.
Paradise (in the form of a weird truck stop off Highway 154)
Paradise (in the more traditional form of my poolside view at the vacation destination of Solvang)

Scott with the tiniest kitten, who was being "socialized" on the patio where we spent most of Saturday
Emma being adorable in Los Feliz
Bryan soaked in sunlight, with his new shades
Margs, as per usual

Sunset on the drive home
Afternoon laziness leads to creating a braid maze on Emma's head

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