Friday, October 18, 2013

pattern pals: halloweenie

I'm really feeling this spooky October theme. It helps that my evenings have been consumed with horror movies this month (why yes, my significant other DID purchase the Friday the 13th boxed set, thank you for asking). We're on day sixteen of our month of terror, which means we've begun to hit some real deep cuts - think 1970s italian psychedelic flicks. It's getting weird. In that spirit, I dove a little more into abstraction for this pattern, with a sort of occult-ish spiderweb theme. As usual, see above for the repeating square, application below. 
Sweet dreams! I'm off to finish CHUD (it's as insane as it sounds, trust me).

1 comment:

  1. OH CHUD. Also Italian horror! I kind of want to get into it? I liked Susperia kind of a lot? Lovin' the witchy witchy patterrrrnnnn.