Tuesday, October 8, 2013

evil eye

October, huh? Fall really sneaks up on me around these parts - it's still pretty toasty in LA, although early mornings and late nights have that crisp feel to them again, that feeling that makes you pull the covers up to your ears. It's nice, but I have to admit I'm pretty jazzed to be heading out to Boulder this weekend to see my twin brother, and maybe some fall foliage while I'm at it.
In the meantime, in the spirit of the spookiest month, and while I'm in the thick of Scott's our thirty-one nights of horror (more on that later), here's an evil eye inspired pattern. I've been whipping out the old brush occasionally, so this one's got a bit more of a painterly feel. As usual, the repeat square is above, and an applied example is below!


  1. I think I want this all over all of my belongings forever.

  2. Yep, me too! Still love this. I would actually love an 8x10 print of this colorway, even though I also love the B&W one in your shop. EYEBALLS ALL OVER MY WALLS.