Friday, February 22, 2013

think pretty

Last weekend, the always amazing Kate Miss orchestrated a little get together with some of our lady friends to take some new, updated portraits. It was also the best excuse I've had lately to eat frozen cookie dough with a spoon.
Kate has a well-articulated post here about hangups, but it bears repeating - it's fascinating and eye opening to see the reactions of such a beautiful group of women view their own photograph. Why do we let these little negative ideas about our body/face/hair stick inflate until they are the only thing we see when we look at ourselves? As a lady who constantly checks that my hair is in place and my lipstick is fresh, it was a nice change to settle in and goof off in front of the camera... and of course, some of the best portraits were candid. At any rate, thanks to the direction of Laura and Erin and the photog skills of Kate, I ended up with some new shots of my mug, and I think we all enjoyed an afternoon where we felt pretty.

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  1. I also loved the hang-up section of her post - it made me think about my own reactions to photos of myself that anyone else would probably see as a normal photo! The portraits of you guys are all so gorgeous, and that group shot is adorable. PRETTY LADIES ALL AROUND!