Thursday, February 21, 2013


I was chatting with a friend in Minnesota the other day, and when I asked how she was doing, she just said "well, you know....February." Truer words never spoken. These last days of winter can really feel like a grind, even in LA. I've found myself wishing for longer days, patio drinks, and cutoffs, and I can feel the extra work my brain is doing to stay creative.
We've had a lot of excitement around here lately, with friends in town and Scott beginning his new job, and that's certainly helped to keep my head in the game. Well, that, and the 80 degree beach day that Los Angeles whipped out over the weekend (nicely played). But it's still hard. We're adjusting to a new schedule, feeling a little sleep deprived from an earlier wake-up call, trying to remember what it's like to have dinner together again every night (verdict: nice). I've found I need to remind myself to enjoy these shorter, quiet days before life gets wild again in just a few weeks. Tickets have been purchased for my spring travel plans - three months, three cities - and if I really concentrate, I can visualize bare legs and porch beers. Almost there.

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  1. In Portland, your coffee-flavored brew is on the porch--that keeps it refreshingly cold!