Monday, January 14, 2013

red rum

above, clockwise from top left: the twin costumes from The Shining exceeded spooky expectations; I wander through the spaghetti-like tubes of Jesús Rafael Soto's Penetrabile, view from the top at the Page Museum, the poster wall
I'm embarrassed to admit that, despite the fact that we've lived in Los Angeles for quite a while now, Scott and I have not exactly taken advantage of the gallery and museum scene at our fingertips. With the goal of remedying that (and a healthy dose of encouragement from Bree) a few weeks ago we ventured out to LACMA to see the Kubrick exhibition.  It was pretty impressive - full of set dressing, authentic costumes and knickknacks from some truly classic films. I wish I was better about making it my business to see some of these movies (Lolita and Clockwork Orange are near the top of my list), so add that to the resolution list for this year, which is extending at an alarmingly rate. Of course, in addition to the satisfaction of covertly touching the typewriter from The Shining, LACMA is a destination all in its own right. The grounds are beautiful, the tar pits are fascinating and terrifying (of course we went right home to watch Volcano (tagline: You'll have a hell-lava time! do I get THAT job)), and I need another afternoon just to wander the collection. Who's in?

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