Tuesday, January 8, 2013

for the record

above: a snippet of Mom's collection, one of many jukeboxes that could be mine for a low low price
Christmas was good to us this year, but I think it's safe to say that Scott's favorite gift wasn't wrapped under the tree. During our stay at my parents house, my mom offered up her pristine, extensive record collection to him - anything he wanted was his for the taking. As a card-carrying audiphile, Scott was in heaven, and he ended up dj-ing the majority of our holiday on the turntable, trying out well known and deeper cuts.
And so, with the start of his new collection on the way from Portland and the arrival of a shiny new turntable, we have officially embraced the past, musically (ironic that this comes in the same month that we acquired a Blu-Ray player) and therefore entered the realm of Scavenging for Records at Flea Markets. It's a deep, dark black hole of music geeks and hoarders, a trail littered with jukeboxes and Deadheads and mint condition special edition signed copies. We dipped our toes in on Sunday, in a woefully poor-planned outing to the Pasadena City College Flea (note to self: allot at least four hours for proper digging), but there is surely much more to come. Pray for my naive, musically-uneducated soul.


  1. records...are.the.best. you'll find that searching for them will also become highly addictive. my fiance and I have close to 500 records now!!

  2. hoooooo gurl. you are in for it. I dont think I could tell how how many hours Alex and I have spend digging, at garage sales, at the record show (monthly), at antique stores and record stores and thrift stores! I think you get the picture...


  3. Ooh yes, it is a deep dark black hole indeed. I love our record collection, but I must say that my husband has much more patience than I do when scavenging. I think maybe it's practice? It is the best way to listen to music though!