Thursday, July 5, 2012

born on the fourth of july

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays, and last night was no exception. Scott and I biked over to Echo Park to barbeque with some friends, followed by a dusk hike up an absurd set of stairs to a scenic overlook to watch the fireworks at Dodger Stadium. Despite my choice of red pumps for a night of biking and walking, I had a lovely time. Something about beer, friends, and the smell of fireworks in the night just makes me feel safe and giddily excited.
Though I had my hands full of snacks and beverages for most of the day and evening, I did manage to document a few key sightings of red white and blue, including Jeremy's epic eagle pin, and Scott's burgeoning flag-stamped mail collection (see above).
ALSO: thanks to Sam, I finally experienced the cheese that I first tried last year on the fourth, and now I can buy it and grill it in all its salty, squeaky, chewy glory any time I like. Seriously. Halloumi. It will change you. (and that website is too good not to link to. OOF.)

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