Tuesday, July 3, 2012

adventures on the metro

Over the course of a particularly raucous Friday evening at the Drawing Room, Whitney and I hatched a plan to bus out to Santa Monica this weekend for a little beach mall adventure, with Pina Coladas on the brain. And so, Saturday morning found us walking through the mild heat, swimsuit-clad, together navigating LA's famed public transit system with the help of a single iPhone. It was a storied journey, filled with aging bikers possessing an eerie knowledge of Pretty Woman, many admirers of tattoos, frigid air conditioning and surly bus drivers. And of course, by the time we tumbled off the bus, we had only an hour and a half to troll the mall and suck down some frozen beverages before we were due back at the bench, waiting to take the return leg of our two hour ride. By the time we got back to Los Feliz, I was ready to fall into bed for twelve hours (which is exactly what I did, as Scott can tell you). WORTH IT.
Sunday brought furniture shopping in Culver City (we're on a yet-to-be-fruitful mission to find a new couch) and a trip to the Grove to finally see The Avengers - the movie was awesome, the theater was not. Scott and I have officially entered the Arclight Cinema Snob Club. All in all, a lovely couple of days...though I think I've surpassed my quota for the mall-adoring masses for the next month or so.
1) trapped in a sea of opulent luxury at a ridiculous shop
2) bus seatcover patterns were unexpectedly delightful
3) room and board
4) pina colada: earned
5) on the way to the bus stop

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  1. Next time I come out we are absolutely recreating this adventure.