Tuesday, April 24, 2012

first signs of summer

If there's one thing that makes me sad about our great little apartment in Los Feliz, it's that we lack an outdoor space. We've got a little grassy area out front that I can take over for a quick sunbathe in a pinch, but it's shared and not as quite as...glamorous as a lady would hope for. Luckily, we've got some fancy friends with a killer patio. They're designers as well (in case the barbeque layout didn't tip you off). Scott made his patented taco salad (EDIT: Scott has informed me that this is called "Doritos Salad", don't get it twisted) - that would be one part nacho cheese Doritos, one part cool ranch - I contributed my limited mixology skills to the margs, and Greg and Sarah grilled the crap out of a bunch of vegetables. Mona, the resident dog, oversaw the proceedings with dignity. It was a lovely, boozy beginning to the porch-sittin season.

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