Monday, April 23, 2012

back to the grind

Well, I'm back! After a whirlwind trip out to Minnesota for a week - and the resulting exhaustion-sickness upon my return - I'm comfortably back in the saddle (and loooovin ittttt). Dude and Chick made some significant strides in the Cool Stuff to Put On Cards realm, and some of the fruits of our labor should be available to purchase in a timely matter.
In other news, I got an iPhone and began chugging the Kool-Aid immediately. This thing is amazing. If this were a movie, you could insert a nice little montage of my nerdy self running around Instagramming and tweeting about everything. But since this is not a movie, you can experience that IN REAL LIFE just by following me @dudeandchick and the_ladykatharine on Instagram.

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