Tuesday, March 27, 2012

why don't you look like that?

Oh god. Mad Men. I know this pop culture bomb is just detonating all over the internet this week, but really. In a move that possibly qualifies me for crazed-fan status, I decided it was essential to re-watch all four seasons, because really, eighteen months? My memory absorbs a lot of plot lines. Since my television time-management is lacking, I ended up having to marathon over the weekend to pound through the last of Season 4, and was primed for premiere.
It did not disappoint. I was concerned for the splash of this episode - two hours, such a long lag time - but it was understated and informative, dropping us right back in to the ever-evolving lives of Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce. Gossip flew, emotions ran high, Sally ScarJo'd her way through her few lines (and Weiner switched out Bobby again!?) secret baby daddies met their children, and EVERYONE DANCED.
Actually, the dance heard 'round the blogs (if you must) was excruciating - the look on Don's face (not to mention the other guests) was horrific, and Megan's awkward sexiness was kind of itchy. But it was sweet, and the relationship Megan and Don have formed is growing on me slowly (including the ever-extending look we get at the kinks in Don's sex life). I found myself, as I'm sure other viewers did, siding with Peggy. "I don't recognize that man. He's kind...and patient," she says after Don takes the side of the clients for once. The way Don's character drags us around, and the way I'm willing to take it, is impressive.
There are a million little great pieces in this episode, from Harry's sudden switch to an extra sweaty sexpot (also, new glasses) to Joan's turn at motherhood (and being mothered) but my I-may-just-die moment came when my favorite Mad Man, Lane Pryce, imitated Megan's sultry happy birthday. Actually, Roger's was pretty sexy as well. Forget it. This whole episode is better as a series of GIFs.
Enjoy. Can't wait until next week.
Illustration above of Lane and Megan, who have little to do with each other, but, you know, weird facial features.

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  1. I LOVE that you illustrated Lane! He is such a weird and striking creature! This is also sort of the way I always pictured him in my mind, even when I am looking at him DIRECTLY on the TV. You are amazing as always, lady.