Tuesday, March 20, 2012

pictures by polaroid

As promised, a few polaroid snaps...all courtesy of Scott, of course. His obsessive side isn't wild about the way this camera performs in low light - the photos are always crapshoot, but I like them anyway. Notice my overtly sexy headpiece, which reigns in pincurls for a full 24 hours. It gives me a nice crazy old broad look, particularly when paired with a seventies fun fur. Someday when I figure out how to make a video, I'll post a full tutorial, complete with headwrap tips and final curl results.
1) thrift shop fun fur chic
2)  taking a break mid-hike
3) oceanside


  1. I'm so tempted to headwrap/pincurl soon. I WILL ACHIEVE BETTER CURLZ.

    1. Let us not forget - we can HW/PC together in EXACTLY 3 weeks. I plan on doing it Thursday night for Friday night curls.