Tuesday, August 20, 2013

xmas in....August

HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Just kidding?
In greeting card world, these babies really should have shown their faces in about March, but they're here now, and that's what matters! Just in time for the NY Now gift fair (going on as I type this - we are being represented by Crow and Canary, in booth 7843), Dude and Chick proudly presents our new holiday offerings for 2013, available single and in cute little boxed sets of six (see links below, if you so desire). I'm sure you all have about 3.5 months before the idea of holiday cards even crosses your mind, but I'm excited now so here you go. Consider these the card equivalent of giving your loved ones a lump of coal and a flask of whiskey.
097 - Mistletoe
098 - Ugh, Christmas
099 - Warmest Wishes
100 - Egg Nog Season
101 - Stressmess Lights
102 - Mad Stack

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