Friday, May 10, 2013

mama's weekend

A major downside to living in Los Angeles and working with a dude who lives halfway across the country is that, sometimes, I miss special weekends like this one. I leave for the National Stationery Show at the end of next week (don't worry, a preview of our new stuff is coming soon!), and it just wasn't in the budget (financially or mentally) to make it up to Portland for Mother's Day and my Mom's birthday, both of which fall on the same weekend this year.
And so, in lieu of my presence, I just wanted to take a moment on my corner of the internet to honor the sassy, headstrong, beautiful lady that is my mom.
I love you, Mama! I'll make it up to PDX for some mother/daughter partytime soon.
above: my mom in New York, at Multnomah Falls, and with me last year in Portland

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