Friday, April 12, 2013

snow in springtime

AKA: My trip to Minnesota. I thought I was pretty clever, postponing my weeklong, pre-stationery show hangfest with the Dude until April, but sadly, after three days of heavenly 50 degree weather, the snowstorm started. Yikes. Luckily, I stayed with Allison in her beautiful, light-filled Victorian home (in a guest bedroom! So grown up), where the bright walls and huge windows almost made me forget how blah it was outside.
Sometimes I forget how much I love it here in LA. I'm definitely drinking the SoCal kool aid, and maybe it's the California buzz talking, but I feel things are better here. Perhaps it's just that I'm better here. Now, if only I could import some cheese curds and my favorite Midwestern beers, not to mention a few of my favorite people...well, if everything was as perfect as the weather, I'd probably never get anything done.
images above, clockwise from top left:
snow in St. Paul / chucks at the Walker Sculpture garden / Allison and Alex's records / colors on a walk with Dude / morning light in Allison's digs

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