Friday, March 22, 2013

frenzy in springtime

Lately, days have been passing quickly, deadlines are approaching with disturbing speed, time is folding in on itself in a blur of noise and stress and good times all rolled up into one. We're finishing up a couple of really big projects at work, and the excitement of creating really great new designs has my heart racing at random. I've got a stack of sure-to-be amazing books to read (thanks to my Dad, whose birthday I got to celebrate with my parents last week), and I can't decide which to begin with. The record collection is multiplying (thanks to my mom, who generously donated a big chunk of her epic collection to my suitcase) at a rate that would be disturbing if not for the fact that we are desperately, hopelessly in love with listening to every single one.
We went to see Merchandise play last night, and despite the fact that they didn't go on until almost midnight, despite the fact that we were cruising through the abandoned streets after one am, thinking about our alarm blaring in just a few hours, it was amazing, awesome in the truest sense of the word. It was a nice cap to the last week - a solid wave of noise crashing over a sold out crowd, enveloping my brain for a moment of the loudest quiet I've felt in a while.
photo above from a night on the town in Portland

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