Friday, February 3, 2012

live fast // die young

ooooh MIA. GIRL. Speaking of ladies in music that are questioned in critical circles - she's certainly had her share of misses in the past few years. In fact, that interview with Lynn Hirschberg (and the subsequent MIA tweet of Hirschberg's cell phone number) brought up some very Lana-del-Rey type questions of authenticity.
BUT. Watch the video. It was filmed in Ouarzazate, Morocco, and MIA told more than one reporter that she wasn't confident she'd make it out of production with all her limbs intact. Your mind will be blown by bad-assery at the 2.05 minute mark.
And that song really grows on you. The whole insanity took me back to the beginning of college, when I first heard her music and spent hours in the studio with Arular blasting in my headphones trying to shake my butt just so.

p.s. If I was MIA, and I saw this video, I like to think I'd end up filing my nails in aviators atop a moving vehicle as well. Great minds think alike.
(thanks to Scott for his weird ability to hear about all the cool stuff first)

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