Monday, February 13, 2012

the hermosa files

Over the last week, our lady Sami came to visit from the tundra that is Minneapolis. She (patiently) kept me company while I worked during the week, but I took off Friday so we could go out to the beach.
Though I've gotten a bit spoiled - I actually complained that it was 70 degrees out because "that's so cold" - it was a beautiful day. After a good dose of sunshine, we wandered through a great antique store in an old barn. Thrifting and antiquing in the greater LA area has been a mostly heartbreaking endeavor for me and my tiny budget, but this place was spilling over with random bargains and the type of krazy krap (that's a shop name waiting to happen) I used to find in Minnesota on the regular.

After carefully surveying the options, I snagged a pair of bright red pumps with side cutouts and heel-bows (yet to be documented). I also bid a tearful farewell to the white high heels in perfect shape that fit my right foot and squeezed my left. WHY AM I A MUTANT.
But then Sami found this Dynasty-inspired miracle, and I again had faith in the universe:

As Joan Collins would say....Offda offda (just kidding Joan! I know you read this).
We ended our day at Cafe Real, a little Mexican restaurant where you can order things like $4 nachos. And margaritas. Heaven, in a burnt-around-the-edges-forgot-to-leave-off-the-sour-cream dish.

All that ALMOST made up for the fact that I managed to plan our head-home at 5pm in traffic. On a Friday. Almost.

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